Automate your entire AP process without giving up an ounce of control.

AvidXchange gives you the power to accelerate approvals, reduce processing costs, and virtually eliminate paper with more transparency into, and control over, spending than you've ever had.

Say goodbye to filing cabinets and lost invoices.

When accounts payable processes are paper-based your team wastes time chasing approvals, cutting checks, and answering inquiry calls from vendors. AvidXchange gives you the power to automate manual tasks, and spend your time doing more valuable tasks.

Reduce processing costs

Services for you & your suppliers

Approve invoices from anywhere

Customize workflows to match your existing process.

We make it easy to submit 100% of invoices electronically.

Comments can be added and shared across teams.

Make your accounts payable process more organized, efficient and controlled.

Get the visibility and control you'd never get with paper.

Securely eliminate paper and file storage. See a complete audit trail for every invoice.

Complete Solution for AP & Payment Automation

We integrate with over 100 accounting systems, so

it's easy for you to get started.

We know how important it is for your accounting system to remain your system of record, which is why we've integrated with so many best-in-class solutions.

"We were able to reduce our close time by half, and that really changed the landscape for our company."

Samantha Sistek

SheKnows Media

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